Our Mission

Empower people-centered leaders to create more inclusive workplace cultures


Our Approach

Research shows that talking to a human is one of the biggest obstacles to reporting inappropriate behavior at work.

That’s where Spot comes in. It’s an unbiased bot, available 24/7.

Our Team

Spot is made by an international team based in San Francisco, Berlin, and London.

We’re devoted to the ongoing process of creating a healthy, inclusive culture of our own. To that end, we’re hiring a diverse team and supporting employees as whole people by:

  • Proactively seeking out underrepresented job candidates
  • Offering flexible vacation and generous parental leave
  • Making compensation transparent across the company
  • Jessica Collier, PhD


    Cofounder and former VP of Product and Design at All Turtles. Former UX Lead at Stellar.org. Previously at Evernote.
  • Camilla Elphick, PhD


    Post-doctoral Research Associate in Psychology at The Open University.
  • Jordan Knox

    Account Executive

    Cofounder of Butter.ai (acquired by Box). Group Sales Manager at All Turtles.
  • Dylan Marriott

    Cofounder - Engineering

    Former Software Engineer at Evernote. Previously at iEffects and AXA.
  • Rashid Minhas, PhD


    Lecturer in Criminology and Psychology at University of West London.
  • Daniel Nicolae

    Cofounder - Product

    Former Product Designer at Evernote. Previously at Mimi and Jodel.
  • Micah Rivera


    Former Art Director at Hero Digital. Previously at VBP Orange and fuseproject.
  • Carlos Rocafort IV


    Previously at Evernote.
  • Lisa Sanchez

    UX Writing

    Former Principal UX Writer at All Turtles and Content Lead at Dropbox. Leadership Coach at Cocoon.
  • Julia Shaw, PhD

    Cofounder - Research

    Research Associate at University College London.
  • Shaw Taylor

    VP - Sales + Marketing

    Former VP of Sales, Marketing, and Support at iHomefinder (acquired by FRONTSTEPS). Previously CMO at Curious Hat.
  • Matthew Yazzie


    Equality advocate and strategist in diversity and inclusion programming.

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Spot is an All Turtles product

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