Structured data based on
your policies

Customize workflows for:
- Corrective actions
- Anonymous feedback and questions
- Whistleblowing and policy violations
- COVID-19 concerns, health and safety issues
- Harassment, discrimination, bullying, retaliation

Specify questions to route communications to different admin groups or even to external reviewers. Ask employees where they would like to send reports or define categories that trigger routing to a specific admin group. Ask us about routing customizations that fit your processes.

Customize forms, including text input fields and dropdown menus, to get the details and structured data most relevant to your team.

Employees and managers can upload files that are relevant to their incident, report, or feedback. Uploaded files appear as part of case documentation in the dashboard.

Formulate multiple-choice questions to quickly gather information on topics unique to your organization.

Your company’s Spot landing page can be customized to your needs. This page acts as a hub for employees and can link to your policies, FAQ, and other resources or benefits offerings.

Analytics and data trends

Dashboard analytics reveal patterns and trends for deeper insight into your organization. Get usage data via CSV/Excel export or canned PDF reports.

Easy documentation in the dashboard

All cases are thoroughly documented in the dashboard. Leave comments for other admins and follow up with employees via email or the bot.

Spot case
management features

Routing to admin groups or superadmins
Case assignment to individual admins or external investigators
Custom categories for your case inbox
External documentation upload
Custom data fields for admins to classify incidents and compile regular reports
Ongoing case documentation as follow-up interviews and investigations take place
Complete data export or HRIS integration
Pre-filled confirmation and case closure email templates, with editing capability
Single sign-on (enterprise add-on)

High employee engagement means early risk mitigation. Employees are more likely to engage on sensitive topics with a neutral, non-human third party, such as a bot. Our usage stats are based on side-by-side implementation of Spot and other compliance solutions.

Workflow and case management pricing

Reach out to us for a demo or to discuss customizing Spot for your organization.
Workflows and case management can also be bundled with Spot's training.

For small and medium-sized organizations up to 200 employees.
per month
2 customized workflows: quick feedback + in-depth raise an issue
Support within 24 hours on business days
English, French, German, Spanish
Anonymous follow-up via bot and email
No setup fee or other hidden fees
Get in touch
For organizations of more than 200 employees.
Custom pricing
Unlimited customized workflows
24/7 support
Additional languages
Anonymous follow-up via bot and email
Routing and assignment
Dashboard customizations
Single sign-on
HRIS integrations
Get in touch
Spot is available in English, Spanish, French, German, and more.
Spot integrates with your processes. Ask us about integrations.