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Scaling a healthy company culture

Serving 10 countries and 1.7 million patients, DaVita has a wealth of experience creating environments that keep people safe and healthy. And a healthy environment for patients begins with a healthy, inclusive company culture.

Since implementing Spot, DaVita has seen a 60% increase in the number of cases with which employees re-engage, compared to a hotline. Chief People Officer Eric Severson says the increase in follow-up leads to more employees feeling heard and feeling like their concerns were addressed.

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Tackle harassment and discrimination proactively

Monzo implemented Spot to get ahead of inappropriate behavior.

We pride ourselves on being a fair and inclusive employer and we hire great people who care passionately about their colleagues. We want to build a community where bullying and harassment don't exist but we're not naive enough to think that this will never darken our door.

Before we have had to deal with any of this behaviour we wanted to talk about it, and have tooling ready for it so employees know they can come forward and be taken seriously. We wanted to make sure our employees have a safe and accessible way to report anything should it happen to them, which is why we signed up with Talk to Spot.

Ellie MacdonaldPeople PartnerMonzo

We're proud of our culture of openness and inclusion. Spot helps us emphasize just how important a harassment-free workplace is to us and opens up another channel if employees ever need to talk through things.

Olga OuliƩPeople Operations ManagerSmall Improvements
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Reinforce a healthy culture

Small Improvements uses Spot to foster inclusivity

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Meet employees where they are

With Spot, Highsnobiety gives employees the flexibility they need to speak up

Highsnobiety chose to implement Spot within our organization in order to provide the safest and most inclusive work environment to our employees. While our HR doors always remain open to our employees, we recognize that it is not always easy to come forward on sensitive matters. It was important that our staff has an outlet to not only address sensitive topics, but also have a platform that is not intrusive in their day-to-day lives.

As a leading digital media company, with a staff that is mobile-first and constantly on the go, having something as easily accessible as Spot was a great advantage for us. From an HR perspective, we can then provide timely action, that ensures we are continuing to build a healthy work culture within these walls.

Julianne LaSorsaHR ManagerHighsnobiety

Spot is an invaluable tool that aids in building a work environment where every employee feels safe and heard. Being heard is the cornerstone to a happy, healthy, and conducive work culture. As such, we believe that every employee should feel able to vocalize their experiences, knowing that they will be taken seriously as well as receive the right support and course of action.

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Make employees feel heard

8fit uses Spot to build trust and give its team a voice

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