Spot | HR reporting tool for harassment and discrimination at work

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1 - 100 employees

Build a healthy culture from day one.

1 admin

Communicate with employees anonymously:

  • Confirm report receipt
  • Ask follow-up questions
  • Close report

Receive notifications via:

  • Email

Track report status


101 - 500 employees

Streamline your reporting and follow-up process.

All features from:


Up to 5 admins

Receive notifications via:

  • Email
  • Group email lists
  • Slack

Get usage data

Export report activity

Comment on reports

Branded materials:

  • Landing page


500+ employees

Cultivate a safe, inclusive culture at scale.

All features from:


As many admins as you need

Customize follow-up questions & FAQ

Verify multiple email domains

Single sign-on

Branded materials:

  • Landing page
  • Posters
  • Educational videos

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