How it works

Manage and follow up on anonymous reports

Spot makes it safer for employees to speak up and easier for HR teams to take action.

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Three colorful people discussing in front of their screens
A demostration of Spot AI Bot asking the employee everything they can remember


Document the details without talking to a human

Spot is available 24/7. It's a bot that makes it easier to record the details of harassment or discrimination.


Keep a private version of the report

Download your private report as a secure, timestamped document. You don’t need to share it with anyone.

Paper stack labeled Spot Private Report with a folder behind that says Private
A demostration of the screen to submit a report, with an image of two colorful people sharing a folder


Decide whether to save the report for later or submit it

Spot submits the report to HR on your behalf, so you can stay anonymous if you choose. You can also save the report and come back later.


Review and edit responses before submitting the report

You can protect your anonymity by removing identifying details before sending the report to HR.

A demostration of a screen to Review and edit responses before submitting the report


Submit the report to HR

Spot acts as a third party so HR can follow up even if you choose to remain anonymous. Spot communicates with you via email and doesn’t reveal your contact info to your organization.

A demostration of the screen of Report submitted with an illustration of a flying paper plane behind


See the new report in your dashboard

The Spot dashboard keeps reports and their activity organized, so you can easily track the status of open reports.

A demostration of Spot dashboard with a list of reports


Acknowledge the report right away

Spot facilitates your first response. Let your employee know you received the report, even if they submitted it anonymously.

Screen showing a confirmation message after the report has been sent


Keep your HR team on the same page

All report activity is documented and timestamped. You can also leave comments for fellow Spot admins to collaborate on report follow-up.

Example of a Report seen by HR Team


Ask facilitated follow-up questions

Spot lets you ask clarifying questions, even on anonymous reports. The employee responds to follow-up questions via the bot.

A demostration of the Spot AI Bot asking if the situation is ongoing


Resolve and close reports

Create closure by documenting actions you’ve taken and sending an update to the employee when you close their report.

Spot dashboard with an open tab showing a closed report
Spot dashboard with an active button that says Download complete report


Get insights on employee engagement

Track reporting trends at your company with anonymized monthly data.