Speaking up about harassment and discrimination is tough.

Spot’s reporting system uses AI to help your employees talk through inappropriate behavior at work.

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Give employees anonymous support with a chatbot

75-90% of harassment or discrimination goes unreported. Spot encourages more employees to talk about what happened.

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Track reports for timely action

See how your team is handling each report. Follow up with reporters to ask more questions or inform them of actions taken by HR.

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Reduce legal risk with better documentation

Spot gets a thorough account of the what, when, who, and how. Free HR to spend more time with the humans involved, resolving issues.


Anonymous chat bot

When employees speak up without fear, you learn about problems early and keep them from escalating.


Available 24/7

Spot is always there for your employees—no matter how much time they need or when they want to talk.


Lightweight report management

Spot reports gather details quickly and accurately, helping you deal with issues more efficiently.


Secure documentation

Reports as well as admin comments and actions are captured in securely signed, timestamped PDFs.

Make a public commitment

Hold your organization accountable. Our partners pledge to follow up on reports within 10 business days. Spot provides co-branded materials to promote awareness in the office.

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Want your employer to know about Spot for Teams? We can reach out for you.