What's required under the law? See compliance checklists for California and New York State/NYC.


Sexual harassment prevention training, reimagined.

Two people sitting in a chair discussing

Get modern training for $20 per employee. Integrated surveys give you a sense of what's happening in your company. Reporting is included.

For enterprise pricing, contact us.

  • Compliant with new CA & NY state regulations
  • Available anywhere, on mobile or desktop
  • Includes reporting method for full compliance

Traditional training methods are ineffective and outdated


Traditional training models frequently result in backlash
and increased bias

Our approach to harassment prevention:

  • Focuses on people’s similarities rather than their differences
  • Avoids accusing particular groups of problematic behavior
  • Offers diverse, nuanced examples rather than cliched, outdated ones

Training, 10 minutes at a time

In beautifully designed bite-sized episodes, Spot’s sexual harassment prevention training covers essential concepts and offers proactive guidance.


= 1 hour


= 2 hours


Topics & Scenarios

For employees & contractors
For supervisors

Buy training for $20/employee

Get your team to compliance quickly, with no setup fees.

For enterprise pricing, contact us.


Surveys and reporting make training actionable

Spot is a holistic solution to address harassment and discrimination.


Gain deeper insight with lightweight surveys

Each training module contains survey questions. Get anonymous feedback on the health of your workplace culture.


Connect proactive training to anonymous reporting

Get training and reporting in one tool. Employees have a clear path to report harassment, and your HR team can follow up on anonymous reports.



Integrated dashboard for HR

Spot keeps track of who has completed training so you have the documentation you need. Your HR team can manage training, surveys, and reports all in one place.

Flexible training, easy rollout

Training is divided into digestible 10-minute modules, timed for compliance. Train new hires and recently promoted managers easily, at any time.

Get to compliance quickly

  • Add employee database via CSV import, Zenefits integration, or self-signup link
  • Announce and launch training
  • Spot reminds employees to complete training
  • Respond to anonymous questions about training submitted by employees
  • Track survey responses and training completion
  • As needed, change supervisor status and train new employees
  • Manage incoming incident reports