Quick and easy implementation

You really can get Spot up and running on your own! Of course, we're always here to help: [email protected]

Harassment. Discrimination. Microagressions. Bullying. Sensitive questions. Cultural issues.

Implementation checklist

These are the basic steps you'll need to take to set up Spot for your organization.

Sign up and enter your details: organization name, admin email address, payment method
Set up secure two-factor authentication
Invite other admins
Add your logo, link to policy, and make other customizations in the dashboard
Preview your Spot interviews and file a test report
Manage your test report in the dashboard
Roll out Spot to your organization (we have plenty of guidance and resources for you!)

If you bought the harassment prevention training add-on, there are a few extra steps.

Preview training content
Customize training survey questions
Upload all trainees to the dashboard and invite them to training
Get a walkthrough of the product

Ready to go?

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