User-friendly incident reporting
plus DEI compliance trainings

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Spot interviews, conducted via bot or well-designed form, gather more information from the start.
Hi, I’m Spot. Thanks for reaching out.
I’m just a bot, not a human.
I understand
I’d like to hear about what happened, in your own words. Please tell me everything you can remember.

Hub for incidents, feedback, policy violations, and more

Use Spot to learn about and investigate inappropriate behavior, cultural issues, and more. We also support corrective actions.

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Employees can find your HR policies, wiki, or code of conduct, and view customized FAQ.
Employees select the interview relevant to them: Raise an Issue, Give Quick Feedback, Surface COVID Concerns, Whistleblowing, and more.

Interview options and FAQ

Employees select the relevant interview. Your organization can offer multiple options based on customizable templates: Raise an Issue, Give Quick Feedback, COVID-19 Concerns, Whistleblowing, and more.

Employees can also access your HR policies, wikis, or code of conduct, and scan customized FAQ.

Fully featured case manager

Spot's case manager follows best practices for handling reports and investigating incidents. If reports are submitted anonymously, you can still send messages and conduct follow-up interviews. Ensure consistent communication with employees.

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Sexual harassment and bystander trainings

Compliant in all 50 states, our trainings meet requirements for New York State, New York City, California, Illinois, and Chicago. Spot's training is also used worldwide, including in the UK, the EU, and Canada.

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Report intake

Brief or in-depth interviews

Customize casual interviews to raise issues, quick ones to give feedback, and thorough ones for formal grievances. We also offer workflows for COVID-19 concerns, whistleblowing, and more.

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Report a COVID-19 violation
Give quick feedback
Corrective Action
Your own interview

Case management

End-to-end management

Your HR team can easily take the correct next steps, communicate with anonymous reporters, and get follow-up engagement to close cases in a timely manner.

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Routing and assigning

Spot can route reports so only the right people have access. Give employees options for where reports are submitted and assign cases to specific administrators.

Process automation

Stick to an unbiased set of responses and a consistent investigations workflow. Spot offers templated, click-together follow-up interviews and a customizable confirmation email.  

HR team support

Guidance for rollout and investigations

Spot provides templates and guides for communicating with your employees. We can also advise admins on handling reports, from submission to follow-up to closing cases.

Usage data

Get the numbers you need to understand how things are going and where you need to take action. Data available via PDF, CSV, or Excel. You can also set up custom canned reporting.


Your data is your data—we’re agnostic about where you store it. Ask about custom integrations for funneling Spot reports to the tools your team already uses.

24/7 support

Our globally distributed team responds much faster than the industry average.

Other benefits

Robust security

Learn more about Spot’s security and data privacy.


Available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and a growing list of other languages.

Why Spot?

Spot offers a holistic set of benefits that you won’t find anywhere else.

High-quality design at a reasonable price
Integrated compliance training
The easiest-to-implement solution
Truly anonymous, designed by psychologists
Customizable for enterprise needs
Not monetizing your data
Platform agnostic
A self-sustaining business