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Incident reporting
Unlimited interviews
Easy Spot URL (e.g. talktospot.com/acme)
Customize landing page logo, employee FAQ, locations, departments, reporter's preferred method of contact, and more
Co-branded posters with your logo and QR code for easy access
Full interview script customizations
Multiple languages
Employee can indicate who shouldn't see report
Customize confirmation email, landing page, report data fields
Telephone hotline, with customizable script
Case Management
Onboarding materials, training videos, email templates, communications guide
End-to-end case management, including anonymous follow-up
Unlimited dashboard administrators
Report assigning
Usage stats in dashboard
Export all incident data as CSV
Slack integration for admin notifications
Group email notifications
Super admin role
Report routing based on content or location
Extensive custom usage stats
We migrate data from your existing case management solution
extended support
Personal account representative
Custom contract review and procurement processes
compliance TRAINING
Sexual Harassment Prevention and Bystander Intervention trainings
USD $15/training
Contact us for discounted rates
Contact us for discounted rates
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