Harassment prevention training doesn’t have to be a drag

Spot’s training is used by thousands of employees across the US, UK, EU, the African continent, and Canada. Compliant with California, New York, and Illinois state regulations.

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Spot offers one hour of training for employees and an additional hour for supervisors. 10-minute episodes are more like Instagram Stories than the cringeworthy videos we all love to hate.

Reduce bias and promote respect

Research shows that training often backfires. Our approach is designed to succeed where traditional training fails.
Approach training topics through a DEI lens
Offer nuanced, relevant scenarios rather than cliched, obvious ones
Focus on people’s similarities rather than their differences
Avoid accusing particular groups of problematic behavior

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What makes Spot training different?

Spot combines interactive content, designed through a DEI lens, with anonymous surveys for a robust training experience.

Spot training features

Anonymous survey questions embedded in employee episodes
Anonymous questions about training content received in the dashboard
Same price for employees and supervisors
Interactive e-learning, with quiz questions
US, UK, and international versions
Deadline and completion tracking in the dashboard
Automatic email reminders to complete training, electronic completion certificates
Easily maintain records for compliance
Once you set a training deadline, Spot’s dashboard tracks completion and automatically sends reminders.
Offer updated, relevant training
Spot’s mobile-friendly, text-based episodes are more like Instagram Stories than cringeworthy videos.
Respond to anonymous questions
Employees can submit questions on training content, and you can respond from the dashboard.
Get survey results on training topics
Embedded surveys give insight into employee experience on topics related to training content.
Spot’s training can integrate with your existing systems
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Pricing for training

Administer Spot’s harassment prevention training via the Spot dashboard or get the SCORM package to use in your LMS.
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with incident reporting and case management package

Additional $99/month base fee for training only

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Ready-to-use SCORM files

Download SCORM files for unlimited training per seat; to be used in your LMS

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Spot's training is available in English, Spanish, French, German, and more.