Online compliance trainings,
through a DEI lens

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Bystander Intervention Training

Compliant in all 50 states, Spot meets requirements for New York State, New York City, California, Illinois, and Chicago. Spot is used worldwide, including in the UK, the EU, and Canada.

providing no-cringe training to
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What sets Spot apart?

We offer a range of industry-standard features, but there are a few things unique to Spot.
Fresh and bite-sized
10-minute microtraining episodes are more like Instagram Stories than the cringeworthy videos we all love to hate.
Based on research
Traditional DEI training does not work. Spot’s training is designed to encourage empathy and diffuse defensiveness.
Yes, we tick the compliance boxes. We also go above and beyond with incident reporting and DEI pulse surveys.

Dont take our word for it

What our customers have to say about Spot's training
For lack of a better word, it’s not cheesy.
—HR Professional
No cringe, easy to run through.
Definitely the best of these trainings I’ve ever seen.
Whew, so glad this was well-received.
—VP of People
Loved the experience onboth desktop and mobile screens.
Well-executed and not patronizing.
Love that it’s both DEI and sexual harassment prevention training. Fulfills all our legal requirements.
—Legal Counsel
Redefines simplicity and crisp messaging.
—HR Business Partner

Training and LMS features

Training content

Interactive e-learning
Engaging throughout
Regional and global versions
Optional surveys

Administering training

Intuitive LMS with automated reminders and deadline management
Electronic training completion certificates
An established training provider
Built-in question management system
HRIS integrations
SCORM ready
Customized training content

Sexual harassment prevention training

6 x 10-minute episodes (1 hour) for employees
Additional 6 x 10-minute episodes (2 hours) for supervisors
Preview training episode
For Everyone
Episode 1
Gender identity, Sexual identity
Episode 2
Gender stereotyping, discrimination, disparate treatment
Episode 3
Unwelcome conduct, reporting options
Episode 4
Unwelcome conduct, unwanted touching, nicknames, witnesses
Episode 5
Quid pro quo, retaliation, reporting options beyond HR
Episode 6
Unwelcome compliments, visual harassment
For supervisors
Episode 7
Supervisor definitions, responsibilities and liabilities
Episode 8
Best practices for harassment prevention
Episode 9
Barriers to reporting, underreporting
Episode 10
Receiving reports, debunking false reports
Episode 11
Incident investigation, report follow-up
Episode 12
Unwelcome compliments, visual harassment

Bystander intervention training

6 x 10-minute episodes (1 hour) for everyone
Preview training episode
For Everyone
Episode 1
Diversion, allies, & more
Episode 2
Sexual orientation, gender expression
Episode 3
Gender, race
Episode 4
Religion, gender identity, national origin
Episode 5
Harassment based on disability
Episode 6
Age, race, national origin, & more



per training
All features as listed above
Buy now for up to 500 trainees
Start with current employees, add trainees as needed
Only $9/month LMS fee
No setup fee
Unlimited administrators
Same price for employees and supervisors
Need to train more than 500 people?
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