AI Interview bot

Hi, I’m Spot. I can help if you experience issues at work.

Your corrective actions.
Driven by AI.

A simple solution for resolving complex reports and complaints. Designed for HR and Compliance teams.

Bot-driven incident management.

Spot offers a range of chatbot templates for Ethics & Compliance situations, then customizes them for your policies and workflows.

Corrective and disciplinary actions
Harassment and discrimination
Policy violations and misconduct


With confusing policies and workflows, it’s hard to know where to start.

Most reports and complaints are improperly documented, go to the wrong person, or apply corporate policies inconsistently. Our AI bot learns your policies and coaches people so it’s easier to get things right the first time.


AI helps teams document more details, removing the overhead for intake.

Spot captures more information upfront, reducing investigation time. Compared to other methods for reporting harassment, Spot’s AI bot captures 29% more details about incidents in initial reports.

WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN?29%MORE DETAILSthan intake through
in-person interviews or
online forms


AI helps demystify corporate policy so it can be properly referenced and applied consistently.

Reduce back and forth between managers and HR by giving managers the tools to apply policy correctly the first time.


Investigate complaints thoroughly. Get engagement where it matters most.

Employees only respond to follow-up questions 5-12% of the time with traditional reporting methods. Follow-up response rate with Spot is 70-80%, so you can get to resolution more quickly.


Spot works for your workflow. Get reports where you need them.

Our team will work with you to integrate Spot seamlessly. Spot can feed reports into your HRIS or CMS. You can also export report data as CSV files or PDFs.