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Tackle harassment and discrimination with AI reporting

Spot’s AI reporting tool makes it safer for employees to speak up and easier for HR to follow up, even on anonymous reports.

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What our customers say

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“Spot helps us emphasize just how important a harassment-free workplace is to us.”

Olga Oulié

People Operations Manager

Get anonymous reports and follow up quickly


An AI bot for reporting

Spot helps employees remember and document all the details of inappropriate behavior. Employees can stay anonymous if they choose.

Anonymous follow-up questions

As a third party, the AI bot can pass follow-up questions and responses between employees and your HR team.

Is the situation ongoing?
Is the situation ongoing?
Sample Co. asked me to ask a few follow-up questions.
Is this situation ongoing?
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Employee Avatar
It happened again yesterday afternoon

Progress and insights

Track all reports and follow-ups in a simple, yet robust dashboard. You’ll also get insights on reporting at your organization.

reports are now visibleinsights are now visible
number 33 is displayed on top of the chartnumber 10 is displayed on top of the chartchart with a graphic displaying insights and its corresponding numbers
two messages are displayed beneath each other, the first one is marked as readnew report summary saying racial remarks and marked as unreadseparation line
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Streamline your process with these features

  • 24/7 bot for reporting
  • Report comments and tracking
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Unlimited reports
  • Anonymous follow-ups
  • Educational videos
  • Employee verification
  • Ability to export all data
  • Compliance with new US state laws

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