Who we are

Spot combines memory science and artificial intelligence to tackle harassment and discrimination at work.

What we believe

We believe that everyone deserves to work in an inclusive, diverse, and respectful environment.

Research shows that harassment and discrimination are dramatically underreported. Fears of retaliation and judgment often prevent people from bringing inappropriate behavior to light. We believe science and technology have a critical role to play in removing that obstacle. Memory science, an impartial bot, and sophisticated privacy control can help people capture details early and report incidents anonymously when they're ready.

Our mission is to empower employees to speak up and companies to take action.


Dr. Julia Shaw

As a scientist who specializes in memory and police interviewing, I understand the delicate nature of emotional events. Memories can weigh us down. From my research, I know that we can easily forget or misremember important details. We’re building Spot so it helps people clear their minds and keep their memories safe.

Daniel Nicolae

For most of my professional life I designed tools at Evernote to help people remember things better. With Spot I’m designing, testing, and refining user interfaces to make the recording and reporting of discrimination more accurate and effective.

Dylan Marriott

I’ve been a software engineer for six years, building products used by millions of people. When people share emotional experiences with Spot, they’re trusting us to keep their data safe. We’re building Spot so that it keeps all your personal information private.


Rashid Minhas

As a PhD candidate in psychology with a focus on investigative interviewing and police practices, I understand the complexities of good memory interviewing. Because much of it hinges on the format of the interviewer’s questions, it’s important to me that Spot always asks the right questions.

Camilla Elphick

I’m a PhD candidate in psychology, with a focus on face processing and eyewitness memory. The Spot research team evaluates existing literature on workplace harassment and designs experiments to test poorly understood phenomena. Our aim is to reduce workplace harassment.

An All Turtles studio company

We’re grateful for the funding and support provided by the AI startup studio All Turtles. Most notably, we’ve received help from the following individuals:

Jessica Collier, Cofounder and Head of Product
Manolo Espinosa, Corporate development
Jordan Knox, Group Sales Manager
Phil Libin, Cofounder and CEO
Micah Rivera, Design

Fanny-Lou Benout, Production
Chris Dahl, Legal
Susan Farrell, UX Research and Strategy
Leonid Kitainik, Intellectual Property Law
Adriana Fracchia Leigh, Production
Carlos Rocafort IV, Website illustrations
Lisa Sanchez, UX Writing
Jeremy Yuan, Product Marketing

Legal advice by Paul Livingston
Educational videos created by Jocie Juritz
Photos taken by Janine Guldener